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Water and Sewer Damage Restoration

Topeka Foundation Repair & Waterproofing offers professional help with water and sewer damage restoration services. In relation to any altercations in water or sewage leaks, bursts, floods, or sudden eruptions, our team brings quality assistance that you need in emergency situations. We offer this for all types of buildings and homes in residential or commercial areas that have experienced water-related problems. Our goal is minimize the risks and overall damages sustained with fast response time and quick project completion times. This also helps our customers avoid unnecessary damages and infections like mold and wood rot, which require more expenses such as mold removal.

Our Services Deliver Results

With water and sewer damage repairs, we first start with the most critical problem: water flooding and leaks. In the event that your space has become overrun by water or sewage disposal, our team quickly secures the area and pumps all liquids out of the environment. We do this quickly and efficiently to lessen the strain on surfaces and materials – saving and preserving as much as we can. This also helps eliminate additional expenses from rebuilding drywall or infecting wooden support beams and structural supports that are easily compromised by water-logging.

Residential Water Damage Restoration

If you live in a residential area within a home, our company offers timely services to salvage and save your space. In an emergency situation for water or sewage leaks, our team quickly disposes of the excess through our reliable pumping machines. Our team comes fully equipped to handle every aspect of water and sewage problems, including residential water damage restoration. Whether you have experienced a flood or plumbing burst of sewage, our company can help. Once the pumping is finished, we begin the water restoration of your belongings and cleanup of any residual water or sewage. We use various methods and techniques for cleaning and drying from exposure to liquids like water to complete the restoration process. We then assess the damages done to materials like drywall, hardwood, etc, to ensure your home is safe and secure. We also ensure that there is no possibility of mold growth with every project.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Our commercial water damage restoration is no different than our residential – except we specialize in commercial type buildings with other types of materials not found in homes. This can be basements with industrial equipment or large appliances that must be handled with care. In any event that your commercial building has sustained damages from flooding, leaks, or pipe bursts, our team can quickly assist and assess the problem. After carefully pumping all water or sewage, we begin the restoration process. We analyze and diagnose all materials and assess every inch of your property for quality assurance. If needed, we replace materials such as drywall in order to complete the restoration process. Just like residential buildings, we use various techniques and methods to accomplish the drying process and ensure mold or water-logging is a threat. We also inspect all structural supports to guarantee the buildings’ integrity before leaving the project.

Sewage Cleanup

In the event that you have a sewage leak or overflow, we can address this as well. It’s a very unique and hazardous project that our team is equipped to handle following strict safety procedures. We offer sewage cleanup for both residential and commercial buildings that have experienced the rare and dire circumstance of sewage contamination. This can be caused by plumbing pipes bursting, radical overflow from main sewage lines, or clogged/backed-up drains. The are various reasons for a sewage flooding and leaks, however our team can quickly handle the situation. We pride ourselves on our speed and versatility to meet the demands of our customers in emergency situations. That’s why our team is on-call, and prioritizes emergency services that need immediate attention so that you’re not left waiting too long. Sewage cleanup is completed through pumping the excess, and our specialized methods for cleaning the residue. Each project is handled with extra care and caution when dealing with sewage and the various properties contained is this type of substance. Certified under all state regulations and safety procedures and guarantee your environment will be fully cleaned to the appropriate standards.