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Bowed Wall Repair

Do your basement foundation walls bow?

Basement walls are the basis of support to your entire home structure. When walls bow it is usually caused from hydrostatic pressure issues. Without addressing the problem you may face long terms structural damage that may require total foundation replacement. The good news is – wall anchors can fix the issue without a huge cost.

Learn below how our wall anchors work.

Wall Anchors

In order to properly repair a bowing or buckling basement wall, we will install what are known as wall anchors. These are a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod. We start by driving a long steel rod into the ground through a hole we drill in your foundation wall. The first plate is driven into the ground outside your home, 10-15 feet from your basement wall to ensure it is driven into virgin, undisturbed soil and over the rod we’ve placed through the ground. The second plate is inside your basement, attached to the rod (which is anchored on the outside plate) and slowly tightened to pull your bowing wall back into place. The tightening may require multiple trips for our team to tighten the plate and ensure your wall is back in its original location properly supporting your home.

Problems With Bowed Interior Walls

Bowed interior walls generally mean concrete walls within your basement. These are specifically targeted due to their nature of being underground where your basement is located. The problem with bowed walls is they specifically threaten your home’s structural integrity, whereas most of the weight is distributed upon these walls. These are different than solid foundations with the possibility of crawl spaces. Basement walls hold the entire structure in tact, and if they become damaged this will create more problems. In the most extreme cases this can cause a complete structural collapse if not repaired.

Causes of Bowed Walls

Similar to waterproofing issues, bowed walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing against your walls from the outside. In laymen’s terms, this is caused by unstable soil conditions that surround your basement wall underground. The unstable conditions derive from excessive amounts of water sitting and soaking into the soil, building up pressure while destabilizing the soil into softer forms. This pressure eventually begins to push against your walls causing it to bow, bend, and crack. If the pressure becomes too great, you will typically see these effects to be more obvious and notice your basement wall bowing inwards. Our bowed wall repair will fix this indefinitely.

Our Repair System

The solution is the wall anchor system. Due to the causes of bowed walls being pressured at unimaginable strengths, wall anchors counteract the pressure in reverse. We drill a metal plate in the outer area of your yard, deep underground. Within the basement, we screw a long pipe that goes through the wall underground, until it reaches the metal anchor plate. The pipe is then connected and secured to your basement wall. Once everything is ready, we use advanced technology to ‘screw’ the pipe into the outer plate, which pulls your basement wall outwards. We continue to apply this pressure until the wall is realigned and level, effectively completing the repair. The is a proven solution and comes with a guarantee that is transferable to homeowners.