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Got Mold? We Can Help!

Topeka Foundation Repair & Waterproofing provides essential tools and service to accommodate every aspect of your home’s survival. This includes our mold removal and remediation services that go beyond structural and water related prevention systems. If you already have an infection of mold, none of our other systems will help alleviate this. However, with a strict and certified service of mold restoration, we can begin to cleanse your home with our highly advanced chemicals and procedures. Though mold may seem irreversible, our company ensures and guarantees a complete purging of all unwanted elements throughout your home.

**We offer our professional mold removal & Remediation services only in the following counties: Butler County, Chase County, Marion County, McPherson County, and Rice County**

How To Remove Mold

We will say first-hand, it’s not an easy process to remove mold from any part of your home. However, with our set procedures that encompass both safety and efficiency, we can effectively dispose of all mold and fungi in your home. Mold remediation is the process of assessment, detection, and cleansing. Putting it simply, we find the surface areas that are infect and cleanse them with a solvent, then look for the source of mold growth and begin the process again. All mold is handled by using a combination of solvents that are chemically engineered to destroy fungi-related pathogens.

Our Mold Removal Products

We use specific chemicals that dissolve mold and prevent mold growth at the same time. Eliminating the obvious mold is never enough. That’s why out team uses two types of solvents to treat two different aspects of the process.

Treating Mold With Antimicrobial Solutions

To cleanse mold we use what’s called antimicrobial solvent, a chemical that disintegrates mold. This is usually ‘surface’ clean-up where mold has become viewable to the human eye, and more obvious to spot. We use this product for every area in your home that has become infected.

Embedded Mold Removal

We then use a concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution to disburse all mold roots and prevent future growth. This takes careful planning and consideration during your mold removal project, as assessment of the ‘core’ mold must be accurate. We have to pinpoint where the mold roots are coming from. If they’re behind walls, floors, or other structural areas of your home, these must be removed in order to properly doctor your mold problem.

Mold Prevention

Is it enough to remove both the mold and its’ roots? Think again! After all of the hard work and accuracy of mold remediation, we must then apply a clear mold-resistant coating for good measure. Time and time again industry leading contractors have performed thorough and efficient mold removal, only to find that mold growth has sprouted again. To be 100% sure, and provide our customers complete guarantees, we use this mold coating that will prevent mold growth indefinitely.

The Mold Remediation Process

With our effective products, we ensure a complete cleansing of your home to eradicate all mold and fungi. However, our products are not the only part of this service. In most cases, our team must surgically remove certain parts of your home – such as walls or floors. These are areas where mold continuously manifests into larger growths, infecting more areas of your home. To properly address this problem we remove the entire wall, floor board, counter top, cabinet, etc, to get underneath these dark and damp place. Having access to the source of mold allows us to better assist in the mold removal process. Combining the service of cleaning, the products we use, and the step-by-step process of restoring your home, is the definition of mold remediation.

Additional Services That Pair With Mold Removal

Our mold removal service are entirely accurate and enough to prevent mold in the designated areas that they were ‘birthed’. However, if your home is prone to humidity and moisture, we may recommend basement waterproofing services as well. If your basement becomes damp, humid, and unkempt, mold will form in areas where our products were not used. While we surgically remove mold and it’s source where the infection has occurred, this does not protect other areas from being infected. If you’re looking for additional mold prevention, we offer basement waterproofing systems to help with moisture and water leaks.