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Professional Basement Waterproofing, Bowed Wall & Foundation Repair in Salina, KS

Our company has been providing a select amount of repair services for homeowners in Salina, KS for years. Founded in 1858, Salina rests in North America’s humid subtropical (Köppen Cfa) and humid continental climate (Köppen Dfa) zones, which create problems for foundations and basements. That’s why we specifically provide foundation settlement repair and bowed wall repair services to address issues associate with moisture within soil, and offer basement waterproofing service to counteract water-tables and humidity. Combined together, we grant homeowners permanent solutions that will allow families to continue living in homes under these extreme humid conditions.

Bowed Wall Repair

Whether you have obvious bowed walls or the beginning stages of wall cracks, our team offers bowed wall repair services to quickly solve the underlying problem. With humidity and water, pressure from unstable soil will continue to press inwards causing forced trauma to your basement walls. To counteract this, we use our patented wall anchor system to stabilize and align you walls back into place.

Mold Remediation & Removal

With humidity as such a common issue in Salina, mold growth is at an astronomical rate of climb. Without the proper solutions to address moisture-filled air, mold has ‘free reign’ in most homes. That’s why we offer mold remediation services that will effectively remove, purge, and cleanse all occurrences of mold throughout your home. Using a specialize technique and procedure, we effectively eliminate this substance permanently.

Basement Waterproofing

Get basement waterproofing complete thoroughly and accurately with our waterproofing specialists. We provide complete installation systems that will drain excess water and redirect it away from your home. As a common issue in Salina, our methods are efficient and will administer correct water-mitigation for better protection. We strive to make basements a more enjoyable environment.

Water Damage Restoration

If you’ve experienced a sudden problem with water flooding or sewage leaks, our team can help with complete water & sewer damage restoration. We provide water and sewage cleanup before beginning the water restoration process. In most cases, water damages are considered an emergency to lessen the amount of additional damages on personal belongings and structural supports. This is why our team focuses on prompt and professional services when you need it.

Foundation Settlement Repair

We also provide foundation settlement repairs for homes in distraught of sinking soil conditions. These conditions will continue to force your home underground, causing cracks and unstable structural problems. Using our foundation piers, we will effectively realign and level your homes, while resting the weight on more stable earth-crust deep underground. This is the most secure and only reliable method for permanent repair.

Learn More About Our Waterproofing, Bowed Wall & Foundation Settlement Repair Services

With 19,391 households in Salina, Kansas, we have repaired hundreds of basements and foundations to create more protected homes for families. With the ongoing threat of Köppen Cfa and Köppen Dfa climate conditions, we continue to provide our waterproofing, bowed wall, and foundation settlement repairs to address this problem. We urge customers to contact us to learn more about their home’s conditions, our services, and to see what we can do for you.

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